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Therapeutic Services

Are you looking for support in Therapeutic Services? Yes, you are at the right place with us!

MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services is a NDIS provider of therapeutic services. We are committed to providing exceptional resources to support you to live independently with daily activities such as mobility, personal care, communication, and community living. Our approach is outcome-focused and we work with you to build capacity, achieve goals and improve quality of life. At MyChoice and Control Disability Care, we have a team of qualified and experienced Allied Health Professionals to assist our Participants to build their capacity and improve their participation in everyday life. 

As per the NDIS, therapy services categories include:

  • Improved daily living skills (therapeutic support for all the things that improve daily living skills such as speech therapy, dance therapy or occupational therapy)
  • Improved health and wellbeing (activities that support or increase your physical mobility, health or wellbeing such as dieticians, exercise physiology and personal trainers)
  • Improved relationships (support required to improve your ability to socialise and your interpersonal relationships such as psychology and behavioural therapy).

NDIS Therapeutic Services Provider

MyChoice and Control Care is a registered provider of NDIS services. Our services are fully flexible, meaning our mobile clinicians can arrange services in your home, or you can visit one of our many clinics.

Our services include Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, Psychology, Positive Behaviour Support, Employment-related Assessments and Counselling, School Leaver Employment Support, and Functional Capacity Assessments. Please see below for more details.  

No matter which NDIS service you access from MyChoice and Control, we believe that communication is the foundation to building successful relationships. Importantly, respect, care and inclusion are also at the heart of our service.

As an NDIS participant, we work closely with you to achieve your goals, and we also work collaboratively with your support network, including:

  • Family members
  • Advocates
  • Support coordinators
  • Plan managers
  • National Disability Insurance Agency and local area coordinators

Occupational Therapist NDIS

Looking for the best Occupational Therapist near you? We at MyChoice and Control are here for you under NDIS. 

Our experienced OTs help to maximise your independence through effective, evidence-based rehabilitation programs. 

Occupational Therapy NDIS registered and approved. Helping you get more out of life today!

We work with you and those close to you to maximise your independence. Our NDIS registered and approved Occupational Therapy services focus on physical, psychosocial, sensory or cognitive disabilities.

You may be looking to improve your ability to perform tasks in your home including self-care, access to your community, exploring housing or driving options, home modifications or finding out about assistive technology.

Whatever you need, our NDIS registered Occupational Therapists at MyChoice and Control will assess your situation and provide personalised services to help you do the things you want and need to do, in the most effective way possible. We offer home visits as well as clinic-based support.

Our Occupational Therapists work closely with NDIS participants, using the latest research and technologies in their field to assess and design rehabilitation programs that are evidenced based, efficient and effective. This ensures that you (or someone you care for) are always receiving the highest quality services. 

Speech Therapist NDIS

Looking for a Speech Therapist or Speech Pathologist in Melbourne? MyChoice and Control Care is here for you!

We support adults and children with speech impairments including language, literacy, communication and swallowing.

Being able to communicate effectively with others and have the ability to swallow food and liquids safely are fundamental to experiencing a good quality of life.

Speech pathologists are university-trained allied health professionals who work to improve the quality of life of anyone who has difficulties with communicating or swallowing.

At MyChoice and Control, our speech pathologists work within a multidisciplinary team with other health professionals to support children and adults who have difficulties with:

  • Speech — correct production of the sounds in words
  • Language — speaking and understanding others in a functional manner
  • Voice — using the vocal cords to produce speech effectively
  • Fluency — stuttering and cluttering
  • Literacy — reading and writing
  • Swallowing – safely consuming food and drinks

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