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Household Tasks NDIS

Looking for Household Tasks NDIS? We at MyChoice and Control are here to help. 

MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services provides support to enable you to live as independently as possible. We ensure that you live in a safe, healthy environment where you are comfortable and supported to be independent at all times. MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services focuses on skill development, our experienced staff will assist you to learn new skills or to maintain your skills to promote independence and work towards achieving your short-term / long-term goals. If you have Core supports funding in your NDIS budget, there is flexibility for choosing supports that meet your individual needs with household tasks.

We assist you with the following tasks:

  • Meal preparation
  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation
  • Kitchen cleaning including sinks, taps and microwaves
  • Personal hygiene: includes showering, dressing and grooming
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Lawn mowing and yard maintenance
  • Cleaning toilets, showers and baths
  • Budgeting
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Dusting and wiping surfaces
  • Changing linen

NDIS Household Tasks Melbourne

Are you searching for NDIS Household Tasks Assistance in Melbourne? Look no further than MyChoice and Control. 

NDIS participants require different levels of assistance in their daily activities and household tasks. As a reliable NDIS service provider, MyChoice and Control Disability Care offers a range of NDIS household services near West Melbourne & North Melbourne. NDIS assistance covers household tasks and everyday activities for participants. Before these services can be included in your NDIS, there is a thorough assessment of a participant’s circumstances. Depending on the degree of assistance, the extent of coverage will be determined.

Don’t let the piled-up household work tax your nerves; professional support services are only a phone call away. Speak to our NDIS plan experts and get the assistance you need.  Our NDIS cleaning services help you get a hygenic, well-maintained and pleasant environment at home that enhances your sense of wellness and infuses positivity.

NDIS Garden Maintenance

As a registered NDIS provider, MyChoice and Control works closely with you to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan. The Australian Government’s NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, provides support to eligible people with a disability so that their skills and independence improve over time. 

If you love your garden but can’t maintain it yourself, your NDIS Plan can be used to pay for gardening services. 

The NDIS will fund support it considers reasonable and necessary and are directly related to your disability and to your goals. As each NDIS participant’s plan is unique, exactly what is covered varies from person to person.

As a general rule, if you’re unable to maintain your garden on your own because of your disability, the NDIS gardening maintenance services at MyChoice and Control are considered reasonable and necessary for you to live a normal life and relate to your NDIS goals, funding should be available. However, if a task requires a specialist, such as a landscape gardener to install a water feature, for instance, it won’t be covered by the NDIS, regardless of your disability.

NDIS Yard Maintenance

Yard maintenance is an important part of keeping your home pleasant, whether you rent or own the house. Gardening, lawn maintenance for people with disabilities may need cautious and creative planning to meet each person’s unique capabilities. It is vital to have a safe place for physical welfare and fun gardening.

Gardening, lawn, and yard maintenance is a beneficial, engaging, and fun activity that everyone can enjoy. Learn more about our services available at MyChoice and Control to help you with maintaining your yard.

The NDIS allocates funding for lawn and yard maintenance, home maintenance, and cleaning services. However, NDIS is funded only if suitable, essential, and directly related to your condition. NDIS aims to support and assist you to be independent. If you prefer to handle your lawn and maintain the yard yourself, notify your service provider.

MyChoice and Control Care is an NDIS provider of yard maintenance. If you have Core Support funds, you can use some of them for yard maintenance.

 Below is the category that may include NDIS yard maintenance support:

  • Mowing lawns
  • Trimming hedges 
  • Weed control
  • Mulching and planting
  • Digging, planting, and sowing

NDIS Home Maintenance

When your disability means you need support to maintain your home and garden, it can be frustrating. Help is at hand with the Assistance with Daily Life Funding, which comes under the Core Supports budget in your plan. Help can be provided to fully or partially maintain your house. If you’re looking to hire people who provide these kinds of services, you can register with MyChoice and Control Care and search through the services we provide. If you can’t find what you’re looking for straight away, you can get in touch with us and we will help you find someone to match. 

When you hire someone from an NDIS service provider, you can rest assured because they are experts at assisting people with disabilities. Services provided to you would be different from someone who provides to other people.

NDIS Cleaning Support 

If you’re an NDIS participant who needs domestic cleaning and support, we at MyChoice and Control can help. We work with Local Area Coordinators (LACs), Support Coordinators, Plan Managers or Families of Self Managed NDIS Participants.

We are also providing the following as assistance NDIS under Household Tasks. 

  • NDIS In Home Support 
  • NDIS Domestic Assistance

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