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Assist Access
Maintain Employ

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Assist Access
Maintain Employ

NDIS Employment Support

At MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services, we are committed to helping our participants with a goal towards employment. This program is designed to help our Participants find jobs by leveraging our networks to locate and communicate with potential employers. If you already have a job or just obtained one then we can continue to assist you in every possible way to maintain your employment. Whether it is open employment or supported, our experienced staff is with you.

Some of the highlights of this program are:

  • Career Guidance
  • Building confidence and skills
  • Organising required assessment
  • Voluntary work opportunities
  • Work training placements
  • Assistance with counseling
  • Preparation to join the workforce
  • Assistance with professional resume
  • Preparation to face interviews [ Mock interviews ]

If you are looking for NDIS Employment Support, feel free to reach us at MyChoice and Control. 

NDIS Employment Support Sydney

Do you find it challenging to search for a job or keep up your work? Is this due to a lack of mobility or information about approaching the job market or handling a work environment?

Financial stability is crucial for having a nice life and finding employment is important since many individuals find fulfillment and purpose in working. MyChoice and Control could be a trusted partner of NDIS and believes in the vision of economic stability for all! Our end-to-end service will facilitate you reach your goal and earn a decent living!

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has developed strategies to help participants obtain and retain work through the NDIS employment support program. The goal is to help the participants become self-sufficient, self-assured, and independent people.

The following are some of the standard support services provided under the help to access the NDIS scheme:

  • Customisation of specialised jobs
  • Make a career strategy
  • Transitioning from an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) to open employment with support
  • Develop work-related fundamental skills
  • Overcoming numerous hurdles to finding and keeping work

MyChoice and Control offers a variety of disability support services to help individuals live an independent life, with the necessary guidance and care they need.

NDIS Employment Support Services at MyChoice & Control

We at MyChoice and Control have a wing dedicated to NDIS employment assistance. Our specialists work with our participants to assist them in realising their full potential and supply career guidance while managing their handicaps. MyChoice and Control successfully aids participants in obtaining the occupation of their choice and even transitioning into the open labor market. 

The National Disability Scheme (NDIS) is all about being self-sufficient, irrespective of the degree of disability that facilitates your requirements. You will have more freedom and opportunities if you’re self-sufficient.

Employment allows persons with disabilities to hone their talents, realise their ambitions, and plan for the long run. After you feel welcomed, encouraged, and empowered at work, your self-esteem, confidence, and feeling of purpose may all improve substantially. And that we believe that individuals of all capacities should be ready to participate in this. 

Gaining and maintaining employment offers several positive benefits. It enables a person with a disability to build their skills, improve their self-esteem and confidence, and gain a level of independence.

Here at MyChoice and Control, we’re passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential. We’re experienced at providing NDIS employment services and have helped many individuals embark on their employment journey.

Our qualified consultants work with participants providing the right level of career guidance to help them achieve their goals.

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