Mychoice & Control

Capacity Building

Accommodation / Tenancy

MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services is an NDIS service provider with the services to help you find the right home to suit your needs. This program is designed to help our Participants...

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Assist Access Maintain Employ
Building confidence

Access / Maintain Employment

At MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services, we are committed to help our participants who have a goal towards employment. This program is designed....

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Assist-Life Stage, Transition
Develop Strategy

Assistance with Life Stage Transitions

Change is inevitable and we totally understand that it could be tedious and a challenging process. Our experienced and friendly staff are available to assist....

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Assist-Personal Activities
Daily Activities

Personal Activities – Assistance

Our team of professionals are here to help our participants with daily activities by actively engaging our participants in these activities to build capacity...

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Community Nursing Care
Experienced Staff

Community Nursing Care

We have a team of caring professionals who are highly skilled, culturally sensitive and ready to assist. Our services can be provided in your home environment by a qualified nurses...

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Daily TasksShared Living
Independent Living

Daily Tasks / Shared Living

This support is intended to aid with and/or supervising tasks of daily life in a shared living environment. We understand that living independently may feel like a tough task, but with our systematic approach...

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Innov Community Participation
Skills Development

Innovative Community Participation

At MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services, we provide our participants the opportunity to explore their potential by accessing Innovative Community..

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Development-Life Skills
Engaging & Encouraging

Development of Life Skills

At MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services, we actively engage with our Participants to understand their goals and work with their support network to put in place supports to develop ...

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My Life My Choice

Household Tasks

MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services provides support to enable you to live as independently as possible. We ensure that you live in a safe, healthy environment where you are comfortable and ...

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Participate Community

Community Participation

MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services is dedicated to breaking down any barriers you may face to participate fully in society. We understand that recreation and leisure activities are very important

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Plan Management_MCC_Services
Choice & Control

Plan Management

MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services is an NDIS service provider, Plan management is a type of disability service funded through the National Disability Insurance (NDIS). Our Participants can choose to have

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Therapeutic Supports_MCC_Services
Capacity Building

Therapeutic Supports

MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services is a NDIS provider of therapeutic services. We are committed to providing exceptional resources to support you to live independently with daily activities such

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Support Coordination_MCC_Services
Implement Plan

Support Coordination

We work with our Participants, their families and carers to build their confidence and skills to implement their plan more autonomously. MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services has a team of experienced

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Group Activities_MCC_Services
Learning is fun

Group/Centre Activities

MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services provides a range of group/centre activities and programs designed to assist our participants to lead a full and enriched life. We facilitate practical learning opportunities

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Independent Living

Supported Independent Living

MyChoice and Control Disability Care Services is a Registered NDIS service provider based in Melbourne providing greater choice and control to our participants regarding the services they require.

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Implement Plan

Assist Travel Transport

Are you looking for NDIS Transport? We at My Choice and Control are here for you! With the NDIS, you decide what services best suit your needs and goals and how those services are delivered.

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